Luke 6:47-48


Our providers have years of experience in family medicine and are well trained to provide excellent medical care in the context of an ongoing, personal patient physician relationship.If you or someone you love needs to establish care, please call for more information about accepting new patients.

Well child exams, including all vaccines.

Women’s Health
Physicals and pap smears for women.

Physicals for Department of Transportation.

Allergy Injections
We at Cornerstone Family Medicine are willing to provide allergy injections for allergists as a service to our patients. We have developed guidelines to allow us to continue offering this service. Please stop by our office to request more information.

A flexible fiber optic scope is inserted and advanced from rectum
to the cecum while the patient is sedated. Very important to detect
and prevent colon cancer.

Upper Endoscopies
A flexible fiber optic scope is advanced from mouth to duodenum while the patient is sedated. Used to identify ulcers, hiatal hernia,
cancer, etc.

Skin Biopsies/Excisions
We offer a variety of techniques to evaluate skin lesions.

Laceration Repair
We can repair most skin lacerations if seen within 12 hours.

Liquid nitrogen is used to treat both benign and cancerous skin lesions, including warts.

Spirometry Testing
Used to evaluate lung functioning, especially in those with
asthma and lung disease from smoking.

Used to evaluate electrical activity in the heart.